Yoga dreams come true and how…

Imagine the scene. A beautiful lagoon, a rising moon, a couple of cheap yoga mats and two girls squinting at a laptop screen trying to keep up with the yoga instructions of Vinyasa queen Shiva Rea. One of the girls is strong and the other one is flexible but they are both loving it.

Now picture this. A gym in a school after hours. A laptop and a projector and nine people looking at the video keeping up with the same Vinyasa queen. Eight cheap yoga mats and a towel. One girl is flexible, the other one is strong, one guy has tight hamstrings, his neighbour has a kite surfing injury and the woman in the back row just had a baby. They are all loving it.

Fast-forward a couple of months. Same school gym after hours. Same and different people but the laptop refuses to connect to the projector. The strong girl and the flexible girl quickly discuss things. “I’ll demonstrate the first bit and you do the second,” they decide… And so, as a team, they teach their first yoga class to their friends. And they are both loving it.

Later that evening, over dinner, the flexible girl and the strong girl discuss a dream they share. What if they could rent a villa, hosting guests and offer them yoga and healthy clean food for a week or so?

Things gradually progress from there. There are lots of practices and there are many lazy days, there are retreats and the occasional sharing with friends, there are classes, many teachers and a several workshops. Yoga keeps on becoming a bigger and bigger part of their life.

They each go their own way, living their own life on different continents. Yet in both lives, there are yoga teacher trainings. They both start teaching. Experiences are had, mistakes are made, lessons are learned. The strong girl becomes a little more flexible and studies to specialise in nutrition and Yin yoga. The flexible girl become a little stronger, goes to study Ashtanga yoga at the source and focuses on meditation.

Ten years of practice, study and teaching later, these two girls, so different yet so compatible, are realising their dream, together.

In May 2017 the first Yoga retreat at Kelapa Cottage in Bali is a fact, followed in June by Trimurti Yoga Bali’s first yoga teacher training…

Making dreams come true can take years of simmering, brooding and going with the flow. Yet at the right time and the right moment, decisive action, focus and a leap of faith are required.

We hope that our retreats and trainings will contribute to your dreams coming true.

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