All Things Yoga

All Things Yoga
Starting 26 August 2017
Discover the yoga world beyond the mat

Perhaps you have been practicing yoga for just a little while. Or maybe you have been going to class once a week for several years. You feel good, you enjoy your time on the mat and the focus. Above all, you get energy get from your practice.

But sometimes the teacher says something that you can’t quite follow. You hear references to concepts that you are only vaguely familiar with. You pick up snippets of information about things you would like to know more about. Finally, with Trimurti Yoga Bali, you can find out while having a most relaxed holiday at the same time.

The All Things Yoga retreat is for beginning and advanced yoga students who would especially like to understand more about the world beyond the yoga mat. There is more to yoga than trying to touch your toes, but what? We show you a broader spectrum of yoga practice.

During this retreat, we uncover the world beyond the asana practice for you.


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The program

For the daily schedule and rates, please read the general information about our retreats.

During the All Things Yoga retreat we offer a variety of yoga classes. This depends on the theme of the day. We teach Vinyasa and Hatha flows, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative Yoga. Our classes are adapted to the level of the participants.

Masterclasses include lectures about Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Chakras, Meridians and Feng Shui. During the workshops, you learn about your Dosha, Pranayama, Reiki and Mandalas.

Last but not least, afternoon activities include a spa treatment and an introduction to scuba diving. We also make time for a nature trek, a sunset walk and an introduction to local traditions.

The five-day retreat includes:

* 4 nights accommodation.
* 5 x 3 vegetarian meals per day.
* 7 yoga, meditation and pranayama classes.

* 6 workshops, masterclasses or group activities.
* 1 discover scuba diving session the pool.
* 1 massage at Aura Spa.

The eight-day retreat includes:

* 7 nights accommodation.
* 8 x 3 vegetarian meals per day.
* 13 yoga, meditation and pranayama classes.

* 10 workshops, masterclasses or group activities.
* 1 discover scuba diving session the pool.
* 1 massage at Aura Spa.

During both retreats, you will also have the opportunity to try real scuba diving in the ocean. If you are already certified, we can organise a guided dive for you. Scuba diving however is not included in the retreat price.

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