Trimurti Yoga Bali

Our Vision
"A world where we do not categorise individuals. Where we are all free to be the best versions of ourselves. Where we practice goodness from a place of integrity and honesty."
The essence of Trimurti Yoga in Bali

Trimurti Yoga in Bali is a full affiliate of the highly regarded Trimurti Yoga teacher training school in India. After a successful first 200-hour teacher training at Kelapa Cottage in Amed in 2016, the establishment of a permanent location for Trimurti Yoga in Bali is now a fact.

The two main teachers are Trimurtians at heart, taught and inspired at the very source in India. They manage Trimurti Yoga Bali from where ever they are in the world, maintaining the essence of the mother school in India. At the same time, they integrate their passions, experiences, knowledge and some local Balinese culture in the program.

What does Trimurti Yoga Bali stand for?

* We believe that yoga is an ancient art but not a static one. The world changes constantly. Our needs change too and since yoga is within, the practice of yoga changes with us. That is why we apply ancient philosophical wisdom to modern-day living.

Yoga by the pool with Trimurti in Bali
No shoes at the shala Trimurti in Bali
No one-size-fits-all

* There is no one-size-fits-all kind of yoga. We are all different. Recognising and accepting our individualities leads to a beautiful diversity that can be reflected in the practice of yoga. That is why we offer multi-style trainings and retreats.

* Yoga comes from the heart. It is not about how we look or what others think about us. It is about what comes from your soul and overflows into the heart of others. That is why each training program and retreat is adapted to the energy of the group.

* Yoga is connection. We often translate yoga as union, but do we really connect? Yoga is more than what happens on the mat. It is about your good intentions impacting the world around you. That is why we teach philosophy, contribute to charity and engage in local activities.


Yoga is for everybody

* Yoga is for everybody and every body. That is why we offer affordable, accessible and above all, fun teacher training and retreats.

Apart from 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Trimurti Yoga Bali runs five and eight-day yoga retreats. These include daily yoga classes, masterclasses and workshops, massages and the possibility to explore Bali above and under water.

When we are not training the future generation of teachers or pampering our retreat guests, we offer drop-in yoga classes at Kelapa Cottage.

Partner yoga with Trimurti in Bali

Our mission

"Trimurti Yoga Bali strives to contribute to a true and free world, by inspiring people to connect to their true nature and help them to express this through their practice of yoga in an every day kind of way."