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Trimurti Yoga

Trimurti Yoga Welcome gate at Goa

Yoga is not just an ancient art

Student and experts have globally ranked Trimurti Yoga in India as the best yoga teacher training school. In today’s jungle of available teacher trainings, that is a remarkable accomplishment to say the least. This achievement is the result of Karo and Ajay’s passion and deep-rooted belief that yoga is not only an ancient art, but also a precious treasure which is extremely helpful in our crazy contemporary world.

The trainings that the founders of Trimurti Yoga have been offering for the past eight years in Goa and Dharamsala in India reflects their conviction that by integrating ancient yogic traditions into our modern life, we can find the path to complete well-being of the body, mind and soul.

Their team has always consisted of experienced and highly qualified teachers of various yoga styles and traditions, who previously studied under many different masters and teachers – in India, Europe and the US.

Trimurti Yoga Dharmashala Graduation

Share The Joy

Their mission is to share their joy, health and bliss with people from all over the world. They share not only with students, but also by taking part in a charity projects with an Indian NGO called “Loving Lap”.

Trimurti Yoga has inspired and motivated an uncountable number of souls to spread the love for yoga around the world. From the remote corners of the Pacific and the deserts in the Middle East to the bustling cities of Europe, you will find Trimurtians who have discovered their yoga thanks to the open-minded and heart-felt teachings of this institution.

Ready to encourage an even broader range of dedicated students, Trimurti Yoga now offers not only 300-hour yoga teacher training courses, but also Prenatal, Kids & Family Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher training courses.

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As part of their continuous ambition to reach out (there can never be too much yoga in this world), Trimurti Yoga offered a 200-hour teacher training in Bali in July/August 2016. The outcome was beyond expectations and as a result, Trimurti Yoga Bali has come to life. As a full affiliate, Trimurti Yoga Bali carries on the philosophy of the mother school in India: adapting the ancient Indian art of yoga to the contemporary world and showing each student that yoga is an beautiful internal journey that can last a lifetime.

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