Teacher Trainings

The Philosophy behind our Teacher Trainings
We find your talent
Highlights of the Trimurti Yoga Bali teacher trainings

* Positively the most affordable 200-hour teacher trainings in Bali without compromising on quality and content
* A multi-style program, giving you the opportunity to learn what suits you and your students best
* Insight in the ancient art of yoga and how to apply it in daily life
* Small groups, number of participants limited to 20
* Practice teaching on real students during walk-in classes
* Certified students may volunteer teaching daily classes at Kelapa Cottage after the course
* Away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Kuta and Canggu, in a little corner of paradise on the east coast of Bali.

Teacher Trainings adjusting in extended side angle
Teacher Trainings Adjusting in wheel pose
Preparing you for life after the course

Trimurti Yoga Bali believes in preparing you for reality after the course. Teaching fellow students is one thing. However, having actual students to practice on while having the support from your teachers is an experience you would not want to pass up on. As Kelapa Cottage offers daily yoga classes to local residents, resort guests and other tourists, teaching real life students will be part of the program.

The teachers at Trimurti know from experience that learning happens by doing. Therefore the program's focus is very much on the practical side. The team feels that actually teaching a class is more valuable than learning sequences by heart. Trimurti's method helps you acquire knowledge by applying it as much as you can during the training. Don't worry if you are here for the anatomy or philosophy lessons though, the theoretical side of things will be covered thoroughly as well.

Teaching method

The founder of Trimurti Yoga, Karo Sharma, has many gifts. However, we would probably all agree that one of her most precious ones is to pinpoint her students' talents. She knows how to sense exactly the heart of a person. Then, she brings it to life. This value is at the heart of the teacher trainings at Trimurti. All teachers at Trimurti Yoga Bali stay true to that philosophy. In other words, they see your talent, help you find it and develop it and help you become a teacher true to your nature.

It is about more than just being on your mat. Knowing a few asanas names and being able to stand on your head does not a good yoga teacher make. A yogic lifestyle and understanding the source of yoga are indispensable in your development as a teacher. Therefore Trimurti Yoga Bali teacher trainings offers exactly that: the theory to back up your downdogs. Wouldn’t you love to know why all yogis are such a big fan of Matsyendrasana?

Teacher trainings adjusting in headstand