Yin Yoga, Vinyasa & Meditation.

Advanced 300 hour Yoga Alliance certified ALL inclusive teacher training course in bali.

Our team has created completely a new structure in our 300 hour advance yoga teacher training course with specific detailed knowledge on each module .So the participants can deepen their yoga practice and become more confident as a yoga teacher.


Yin Yoga, Vinyasa & Meditation.

Each module has 100 hour of teaching, participants can complete 300 hour certificate by choosing all 3 modules or 200hour certification by choosing two modules or 100hour cerifictation under (CYEP) program.


After researching so  many subjects our team came up with 3 different modules suiting todays scenario. We try to give the best tools & skills to the participants so they can become more proffesional and go more deeper with their students.

All 3 modules are very interesting and suits todays teaching scenario.

Module 1. Yin Yoga
Each module is for 9 days program (100hrs TTC)

YinYoga : Past few years, YinYoga became one of the most popular yoga style practice accross the globe. In todays ‘Yang’ lifestyle which makes us so exausted without energy & mental unrest. Its time for going more “Yin-Side.” Yin is the answer to balance the intensive lifestyle in todays contemporary times. It calms down our parasympathic nervous system, relaxes our body & mind.

YinYoga is a medative slow-paced style of yoga with various poses that are ‘held’ for longer period of time (usually five minutes or even longer duration) which allows our body to feel the gentle pressure and compression on each tissues. The whole main focus of YinYoga practice is to relax the muscles as much as possible. YinYoga is completely based on TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) and works in tandem with meridians & acupressure points our 5 elements in our body ( earth, water,fire,air & space ) YinYoga is an inward journey or it can become meditation itself. This course is registered under Yoga Alliance certification STICKER.

Module 2 Vinyasa & advanced postures.
Each module is for 9 days program (100hrs TTC)

Our second module is based on advanced Vinyasaflow yoga. The main focus during this course be on sequencing vinyasaflow classes. Our team of teachers will help students to prepare a structural class using the advanced poses in a safe way, and comfortable manner to give maximum benifits from each pose. Students will also learn a new dimesion on vinyasa yoga, which is more meditative,creaive, healing and on the same hand alligned with the true meaningful intention of yoga.This course is specifically designed for the students who wish to carry your journey as a advanced vinyasaflow practioner or a certified vinyasa teacher. This cousre is registered under Yoga Alliance STICKERS.

Module 3. Meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra
each module is for 9 days program (100hour TTC)

Module 3 is divided into 2 parts.
  • Meditation & Pranayama 50hrs
  • Yoga Nidra 50hrs.

Meditation Meditation is a natural to everyone. a child plays in meditation. A singer sings, a dancer dances, a scientist explores in meditation. Every student tunes to meditative mind while writing an examination. Recollect your school or college days. Your examination day, suppose that you prepared well, you can answer any questions. You went to examination hall.You have to write English paper. At that moment,before starting the examination, your mind is filled with ‘English’ thoughts only. You dont think about next day exam. After receiving question paper, your thoughts will be with reference to the question in the paper only. You dont think about unasked questions, while answering a particular question, you think that only. You dont think about already answered one; or the question to be answered. This state of mind is called ‘mind’ with continious flow of similar thoughts. This is meditative mind. You are in meditation while writing examination.principle remains same. what you do meditation as spiritual practice, your thought process has to be uniterruptedly on your goal of meditation. To achieve this our ancient masters suggested practices. You will learn them as revealed in classical text. Learn. Understand. Explore. Continue.

  • Definition and its meaning
  • Body level and mental level preperations
  • Pratyahara: Defination and Dhyanam.
  • Pratyahara: Definition, explanation and different practices.
  • *Dharana: Definition explanation and practices
  • Dhyanam
  • Mantra based Meditation
  • sound based Meditation
  • Breathing based Meditation.
  • Internal chakras & breathing based Meditation
  • Meditation on Saint.
  • Shiva & Shakti (Yan & Yin) Meditaion
  • Silence as Meditation.

PRANAYAMA: Yogic meditation is commonly called as pranayama. Mostly translated as “breath controll.” In Sanskrit “prana means life energy and “yama” means control. It is also knowns as “life source.” while most of the buddhist meditation focus on passively observing breath, yogic meditation like pranayama mostly focus on actively controlling the breath ” becoming the master of breath.” There are various pranayama meditation techiniques that you can practice in your daily life.

  • * Definitation and ts explanation
  • * Types of Pranayama

  • Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama.
  • Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama with Antra Kumbhakam.
  • Kaphalabhati & Bhastrika, Ujjayi
  • Cooling Pranayama: Seetali and Seetkari
  • Calming Pranayama: Bhramari.

YOGA NIDRA Yoga’ means awareness, ‘Nidra’ means ‘sleeping.’ Yoga Nidra means sleeping with awareness. It is a profound systematic and scientific, practice.It deals with subconscious mind. Uproots unwanted tendencies; Seeds new traits and moulds total personality. Yoga Nidra results in conscious awareness of deep state of mind which is also known as Prajna ( purest form of wisdom, intelligence and understanding) in manduka upanishad.
  • * Meaning and scope.
  • *Teachers preparation.
  • *Students preparation.
  • *Classroom preperation.
  • *Yoga Nidra & its steps.
  • *Explanation of each step & its relation to Pratyahara / Dharana / Dhyana.
  • *how to select content for Yoga Nidra session.
  • *Application of Yoga Nidra
EX; To chance subconscious mind; To educate child in mothers womb; To develop personality etc. *Your lifestyle as a Yoga Nidra Teacher.
This course is registered under Yoga alliance certification ticker CYEP.

Your Daily Schedule

07.00 AM – 09.00 AM Practice Session (Hatha/Vinyasa)
09.00 AM – 10.00 AM Breakfast
10.00 AM – 11.20 AM Anatomy
11.40 AM – 01.00 PM Alignment, Adjustments
01.00 PM – 02.30 PM Lunch Break
02.40 PM – 04.00 PM Yoga Education/Philosophy
04.10 PM – 05.30 PM Evening Reflection(asana) / Teaching Practice/Meditation



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300 hour yoga teacher training course in Bali FAQs

The Trimurti yoga training center is in Ubud, Bali.

Trimurti yoga offers a wide variety of yoga programs like 200 hours TTC, 300 hours TTC, prenatal yoga etc.

Yes, it’s a perfect place for beginners to master the art of yoga and become qualified professionals.

It’s an intensive yoga practice for those who are looking at deepening their knowledge about yoga and are interested in knowing more about the history and philosophy of yoga.

  • Kriyas: Theory and practice, benefits and contraindications. Techniques and practical tips: Jala Neti, Sutra Neti, Shankhaprakshalana* (Langhoo Shankhaprakshalana), Vaman Dauti (Kunjal Kriya), Kapalbhati, Trataka – selection
  • Bandhas: Lecture & practice: Moola Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Maha Bandha
  • Pranayama: Lecture & practical training: Prana & Pranic Body, Abdominal/Diaphragmatic Breathing, Thoracic Breathing, Full Yogic Breathing, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Sheetali Pranayama, Sheetkari Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapalbhati
  • Mudras: Meaning and practice – selection
  • Meditation Techniques: Silent Sitting (Vipasana), Dynamic Meditations, Dance Meditations, Kundalini Meditation, Chakra Breathing, Silent Walking in Nature, Silent Day (Individual), Art Meditation – selection
  • Mantras and Chanting
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