Early Bird discount of 150 USD on above price when booked 3 months before the course for all courses in Bali.



Buddy discount of 150 USD when you get a buddy on the course – only applicable to the student referring the friend


Apply now to reserve your spot for an upcoming training. Please reserve your spot early as they generally sell out 3-4 months in advance. Our staff will contact you within 24 hours after you make your application.



How can I travel to Bali ?

Before to be allowed to fly to Bali, you must accomplished a 5-nights quarantine in Jakarta. This cost is cover by the 20% discount we do offer on the course fee.
The flight from Jakarta to Bali is about 2 hours and cost appr. 30€.

Do I need a visa to come to Bali ?

YES, you need a visa to enter Indonesia. You should get it before your depatrture.
The good news is that TRIMURTI YOGA BALI take care of the process and the payment of your visa. You just have to provide a copy of your passport.

I am new to yoga, but I would still like to join a Yoga Teacher Training Course.
Can I join the course ?

Some yoga students have a good amount of yoga knowledge and they follow a yogic lifestyle but they are not so advance in asana practice. On the other hand some students have a great physical ability for the asana practice but may not have complete understanding of yoga as a awhole. Both the paths leads us to same understanding of yoga. So if you show a deeper dedication and devotion to learn yoga as a whole, the training may be suitable for you.

I am not very flexible in yoga postures and cannot do many advance postures.C
an i still join the course ?

Yes this course is more then the physical flexibility. Yoga is much more than physical asana practice.

What is the maximum number of students in each training?

We have maximum 18 students in each course.

My english is not very good can i still join the course?

We have made all our courses very simple and understandable english. As lomg as you can understand english and speak a little bit you can easliy follow our course structure. There are many non native english speaking students in the course and our team take this into consideration as much as possible to ensure the participants that the course material being tought is easily understand by each individual student.

I dont want to be a yoga teacher, can i still take the training?

Yes for sure you can still join our course for your own growth and benifit. "Yoga is a self journey."

Is there any age limit to do any of the training?

No there is no age limit to do any of our courses.

Do I have to prepare my self before joining the course?

Yes we do suggest our participants to read some books on Yoga like Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar Light on Yoga or any book which is based on Yoga Philosophy.

Do you provide course materials?

Yes, we do provide yoga teacher training manual for each course.

What is included in the tuition fees?

The tuition fees include your stay 3 meals per day, except for saturday lunch & dinner and all meals on sunday. Also the pickup from the Denpesar Bali airport is included in the fees. During the pandemic, the visa is also include in the fees.

What if I miss some of the classes during the training?

Participants are not supposed to miss any of the classes. Unless you have a illness or medical emergency. We expect our students to attend all the classes. If you miss any classes our team will provide you some assignments to make up the time. Our team will ensure you meet the required hours of study to qualify as a yoga teacher.

What happens if i don't succeed in the exams?

No participant has ever failed in exams. We make sure our students follow the entire course structure with maximum level of understanding of each subject, so there is no fear of failure in the exam.

Can I still work and stay connected to the outside world during my entire training?

The resort has WIFI facility and students are welcome to use their computers & phones during the break time.

What is the cancellation policy?

A 300 euros non-refundable repost is required to book a spot. If for some personal reason you cannot attend the course, you can use your deposit for any other course. The validity of the deposit is two years.
In case the school cancel the course for any reason, you can ask for a refund.

Do you provide yoga mats?

No we do not provide yoga mat, we suggest you to bring your own yoga mat or you can just simply buy one in our Yoga Shop.

Can i participate in a yoga teacher training if i have a medical injury or if I am pregnant?

We would request you to consult with a general health practioner or a doctor, and inform the school while filling up the application form so our team knows the medical history.

Do you provide laundry service?

Yes we do provide laundry service at our resort on extra charges.

What can I do during my free time?

As we are situated on the north east part of Bali Amed Beach. This place is heaven for diving and snorkelling.Also there is famous Lempuyang temple.

How far is the Beach from the resort?

The resort is just 800 meters away from the beach.