Pratyahara – Withdrawal From The Senses


Pratyahara (withdrawal from the senses) is where the inner circle of the Yogic practice begins. As Asana’s help us to start with Pranayama, so is Pranayama aiding us in Pratyahara. Asana is a steady physical posture, Pranayama is the harmony of the prana(life force/energy) by proper manipulation of the breath. Pratyahara is the withdrawal of […]

Pratyhara Sense Withdrawal


In this complex information technology era, particularly during current restrictive lockdowns, not only our physical immunity is challenged, so is our psychological immunity, affecting everyone on a daily basis. We often find ourselves emotionally vulnerable or reactive, with our own thoughts frequently disturbing us. Peace of mind is hard to attain and uncertainty about our […]

The Three Stages Of Ayurvedic Digestion


Access your agni and fix your food coma gas, and bloating with simple tips and helpful herbs for digestive health. The three stages of digestion According to Ayurveda, gas, bloating, belching, burning, unhealthy weight gain, food intolerances and issues with elimination – which affect 74% of the population may be due to an incompletion of […]

What are Some of the Best Yoga Teacher Training Centers in Bali?


A worldwide hotspot for best yoga teacher training center in Bali and retreat focuses is the Indonesian island heaven of Bali.. Picture plentiful wildernesses, moving turquoise waves, staggered rice-paddies, and a culture saturated with otherworldliness. It’s no big surprise Bali is getting one of the top objections worldwide to set out on a journey of […]

7 reasons why Bali is the best place for a Yoga Teacher Training?


1. The Balinese culture and spirit is unique. The Island of Gods will guide you spiritually in a supportive way beyond your training and show you how to find meaning in every single aspect of life. From small offerings to big ceremonies, the Balinese Hindu practices teach you how to express gratitude and bring more […]