Ajay was born in a Brahmin family in 1976 in North India. Since 2006 he has been living abroad – in Germany, Poland and Bali. Ajay loves Nature and silence. He always looked for his space for meditation, and is interested in more internal practices. After finishing studies on Arts and Human Relations at University of Poona Ajay spent 6 years in Osho International Resort learning modern meditation techniques. On his spiritual journey he was also living in Buddhist Community in Leh and Ladakh. He has been practicing Vipasana, Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation – to point the main ones.

He was inspired mainly by Osho, J. Krishnamurti and Sri Ramana Maharishi that have built his journey with holistic health and Yogic/Vedic philosophy. He loves challenging discussions on essential philosophical questions and reflecting on the meaning of life and its values.

Ajay is a certified Yoga Ayurvedic Masseur, and works with crystal healing and stone therapy. As far as asana practice is concerned he specialises in adjustments and the art of touch.

Privately married to Karo he is the second pillar of Trimurti Yoga, yet usually hidden “behind the stage”. It was his vision to build the place for a yoga community, and gather all yogis together, so he literally built our resort in Goa and Bali, taking care for creating safe and cosy environment for students.  He calls our students his Family, and he does mean it! Even if you don’t see him around – he is usually focused on finding new teachers for the school, taking responsibility for administration, answering e-mails, and taking beautiful pictures & videos. That’s why it is so hard to find him on our photos!

In Trimurti Yoga Teacher Training Courses he is teaching Meditation and Massage Techniques, as well as contemporary aspects of Yoga Philosophy – for both 200 & 300-hours groups.