Bruna was born and raised in Barcelona, but since the very young age she found her second home in Asia. During the last decade she studied in China and India. Her interest in human nature, health and well-being inspired her to study Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture and Yoga. 

Bruna integrates yoga and TCM into her classes in a simple way allowing students to enjoy, understand and experience its benefits.  

Bruna brings a therapeutic, accessible and light approach to yoga. She shares different techniques to help students restore harmony and well-being.

Bruna’s classes are based on meridian hatha yoga, yin yoga and acupressure release. Through slow mindful movements and breath students relax and nourish the entire body bringing understanding and freedom within.  Bruna’s main intention is to share balanced body movements, practical tools and knowledge to enable students to listen and address their unique needs.