E-RYT 200, CEP


Always curious to grow and learn new things, Franzi travelled around the world for the past six years, and worked as a yoga teacher and fitness trainer in India, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and New Zealand. 

With a background in dance and martial arts, Franzi loves teaching creative and strong Vinyasa Flow classes, drizzling in a good portion of mindfulness. She also teaches Hatha and Yin Yoga, and enjoys guiding Yoga Nidra.
The E-RYT 200 and certified fitness trainer focuses on well-structured sequencing and diverse body movement, incorporating her knowledge of human anatomy into the classes. Franzi’s passion for body, breath, brain & mind and their deep connection has led her to create and teach anatomy courses for Yoga teachers, to help them build safe and progressive sequences, based on an understanding of the relation between the eastern and western view of the body.