Serap was born and raised in Turkey, and have been living in London since 2001. 

She is a Master qualified Pilates Instructor from BASI Pilates trained in California by the founder Rale Isocowitz, and  an Advance Yoga Instructor trained both in Goa and Dharamsala at Trimurti Yoga School by the founder Karolina Krawczyk-Sharma. 

Serap has been extensively teaching Pilates and Yoga for the last ten years. In May 2019 she opened a ‘Pilates4You’ studio in a beautiful location in Bayswater, London.

She works closely with health and well-being practitioners including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, reiki practitioners for the last 8 years.

Additionally, she has certified as lower back pain management specialist , pre- and post-natal Pilates / Yoga and Garuda-Dhara (chair exercises) as well as master trainer in Reiki. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from Turkey.

She has a fascination for the limitless potential of movement and healing in the human body. Serap has found that by practicing Pilates as well as Yoga are the most effective exercise regimes for any physical level uplifting mind, body and spirit. She dedicates her life to keeping people moving and feeling good about themselves. 

In 2021 she starts her new adventure with hosting and co-running Trimurti Yoga TTC in London!