Almost 50 years ago Simone’s mother brought her to her first yoga class, when they had launched a Mum-Kids Yoga in town. In the early 70’s people were still smiling at the Indian cross leg-sitting culture, and as a teenager Simone preferred to jump through aerobic classes à la Jane Fonda to release her excessive energy. A few good years later she has resumed her Yoga journey in the Philippines where she opened a Windsurfing and Kiteboarding School in 2003, and became a Yoga teacher when Greenpath Yoga brought the first Ashtanga YTTC 200 to Boracay Island. 

During all these years Simone has practiced and taught a variety of yoga styles as a perfect suplement to all water sports. Yoga became an essential part in her life and her further journey, and guided her to more trainings in India and Bali at Trimurti Yoga – initially as a student and now as a Lead Teacher and Senior Teacher both in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga courses. Her Yoga journey continues and offers many new surprises, for example her first Yoga Teacher Training with Trimurti Yoga in Germany!