E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Sonsie, originally from New Zealand, has been privileged to teach yoga full-time around the world (the UK, Canada, India and New Zealand). 

 Sonsie teaches an alignment-based Vinyasa flow.  She teaches structured and coherent classes which provide her students with meaning and transformative potential.

For Sonsie, ‘flow’ is a state of mind.  Yoga flow is about full immersion in each movement and breath.  Sonsie encourages students to embody the rhythm of their breath and to observe without judgment of, or resistance to, the natural flow of awareness.

Sonsie uses breath and alignment to enable students to explore how they are in this moment, to express their own truth and to experience constant change or impermanence.  

 Yoga’s focus is to serve humanity. It is therefore Sonsie’s focus to serve her students and teacher trainees. She teaches according to their abilities, possibilities, needs, strengths and weaknesses.

 Sonsie creates a warm, open and peaceful environment in which students can discover, practise and learn to share the sacred art of yoga.