Born in England, yet a global traveller, Tamsin has shared her passion for yoga working as a teacher in India, and most recently New Zealand, where she currently lives and teaches.

Predominantly she teaches vinyasa and yin, and also enjoys teaching hatha and yoga nidra. 

Integrating a wide variety of concepts and philosophies into her class themes, Tamsin also draws on the knowledge gained from her extensive background in massage and bodywork, to weave together thoughtfully created sequences to follow the natural flow of the body with the breath. 

Tamsin’s focus is on guiding students to cultivate an enhanced awareness of, and connection with, their inner space. Her classes encourage an exploration of this space, from the physical body through to the mental and spiritual levels. She likes to inspire the notion that our yoga practice is more than simply asana, in fact it is a moving meditation and playful discovery of what it means to be you in every layer of your being.