Hatha Yoga & definition


Hatha Yoga & definition Whatever you require to recognize to begin your own beneficial and also uplifting Hatha Yoga technique! Hatha Yoga practise is a term that is thrown around a lot in the Yoga world these days. However what does it really imply? Customarily, the answer to this question is made complex. There’s a […]

How to Avoid Injuries During Yoga Practice


How to Avoid Injuries During Yoga Practice The old method of yoga exercise includes body, mind as well as spirit, encompassing whatever that we require in order to live a relaxed and content life. Normal method of yoga raises an individual to a greater degree of optimal health, positivity and benefits. If you are a […]

5 Proven Ways Meditation Positively Influences Mind Behavio


Meditation as well as mind studies have been about, and enhancing, for a variety of years currently. As well as brand-new researches are constantly revealing increasingly more incredible details regarding just how reflection favorably influences the human brain! However what exactly are the advantages of meditation on our brain? We currently recognize reflection reduces cortisol […]

Lord Hanuman a true Yogi.


Hanuman had no desire for name or fame. He preferred to live in mountains and caves. He practiced total brahmacharya which was a very strange thing for a simian. Even when he lived with Sri Rama in the palace he lived like a hermit without indulging the senses. This was what gave him so much […]

India reopens for foreign tourists from 15th October 2021.


The Indian government has decided to resume tourist visas for international travelers aiming to lift-off tourism after the COVID-19 forced curbs. Ministry of Home Affairs will resume the grant of fresh tourist visas to foreigners starting November 15. Foreigners arriving on chartered flights will be able to get visas from October 15. India had suspended […]

Four Steps of Ayurvedic Living


Step 1: Create a daily routine. Creating a daily routine provides a balanced rhythm, which can be very calming to the nervous system. Ayurveda focuses on the morning routine, in particular, because it is the beginning of our day, setting the tone to the rest of the day. Step 2: Learn the practice of self-massage […]

Pratyahara – Withdrawal From The Senses


Pratyahara (withdrawal from the senses) is where the inner circle of the Yogic practice begins. As Asana’s help us to start with Pranayama, so is Pranayama aiding us in Pratyahara. Asana is a steady physical posture, Pranayama is the harmony of the prana(life force/energy) by proper manipulation of the breath. Pratyahara is the withdrawal of […]

Benefits of Meditation


Here’s how meditation can help you become more confident. If you’ve been experiencing feelings of low self-confidence, then it’s time to use meditation to uplift your mood and self-worth. Meditation can make you more comfortable in your skin. Confidence is an attractive quality—it is what strikes you about a person when you meet him/her for […]

The Philosophy of Yoga


In the modern times a lack of understanding and interest among many as to what the purpose of the path and practice of Yoga is and what the philosophy behind its practice is. Most individuals think of it as being a primarily physical practice which can weaken and alleviate various mental and physical imbalances and […]

Pratyhara Sense Withdrawal


In this complex information technology era, particularly during current restrictive lockdowns, not only our physical immunity is challenged, so is our psychological immunity, affecting everyone on a daily basis. We often find ourselves emotionally vulnerable or reactive, with our own thoughts frequently disturbing us. Peace of mind is hard to attain and uncertainty about our […]