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Trimurtiyoga team is a group of teachers from all over the world, specialized in various fields and aspects of yoga. Our Yoga teachers are highly qualified and experienced yoga teachers approved by Yoga Alliance USA standards. Trimurtiyoga team have created a safe and creative space where every single yoga student is free to express and discover themselves without any expectations or judgement. Our teachers provide best knowledge and skills to the yoga students, So they can have a strong foundation to begin their yoga journey. Trimurtiyoga team has perfect balance of Indian and international Yoga teachers from all over the globe, creating a unique fusion of Eastern and western approach to yoga asanas and philosophy. We teach yoga practice based on our understanding of people’s bio individualities and diversity, and teach yoga that is safe, customized and beneficial for different people with different needs and different abilities.

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We love diversity ! That's why we cooperate with highly qualified yoga experts and teachers from different countries, of different ages, from different cultural and professional backgrounds. We believe that everyone is unique, and we see yoga as a "system beyond system". Yoga is not about dogma.

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Vamsi Krishna Gadwala

Hatha Yoga Pranayama Meditation VINYASA Yin
Born in 1985 in South India, Vamsi Krishna Gadwala started his yoga asana practices at the age of eight under the guidance of his mother and father who are Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners. Vamsi comes from a very traditional south Indian family, but as a young generation in India with the scientific academic background he is rather a modern seeker, travelling all over the world and staying open for other cultures. Vamsi took on to the path of meditation and self-discovery in 2002. In 2014 he moved to Himalayas to learn and meditate on the paths of Yoga and also became certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance, sharpening his knowledge of Yoga into sharing as a teacher. He is experienced in teaching Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Yin styles along with Prenatal, Pranayamas and Meditations. Vamsi has a long standing association with Trimurti Yoga in training hundreds of Yoga aspirants across the globe.

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Simone Bartann

Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
Simone is an E-RYT-500 She stood on the mat for the first time at the age of 12 with her Mother. Not without reason, she is also affectionately called her mother “Yoga Mama”. Simone has been running a kite and windsurfing school in the Philippines for over 20 years and, to compensate, she dealt with the Far Eastern movement theory early on and was able to experience the diversity of the yoga world locally first as a student and today as a teacher at her yoga school Boracayyoga Philippines. Simone has been on the road for Trimurtiyoga for over 5 years and our trainees can benefit from her many years of yoga and life experience in India, Bali and Germany. Her yoga roots are anchored in Ashtanga and have developed into dynamic Vinyasa classes over the years. Apart from considering anatomical limitations, there are no limits to speed and creativity. In 2021 we will start under her leadership with German training and further education in Germany and Bali.

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Susheel Jain, india

Yoga Asanas, Philosophy & Meditation
Susheel is an E-RYT-500 International Teacher Trainer and he has been working with Trimurti Yoga since 2017. He started his yoga journey with Ramakrishna Mission in Hyderabad in 2004, India and later got trained in Sivananda Lineage in 2008, Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2015. He has also studied Aerial and Yin Yoga. Before becoming a yoga teacher he studied MBA and was having a career in corporate world as financial analyst. His management skills also reflect in this yoga trainings. He started teaching yoga part time in 2008 and in 2016 he became a full time yoga teacher Training Yoga Teachers from around the world in Goa, Dharamshala, China and Bali. Susheel has taught yoga at various studios, corporate companies, hotels and hospitals. “Yoga is for everybody” is the motive behind his teachings and he equips the new yoga teachers with the skills to impart the knowledge of yoga to all levels of students with compassion and ease. Having the knowledge of different styles of yoga he brings in a variety of teachings in his classes and teacher trainings. Having born and raised in spiritual environment, his teachings go beyond the realms of physical body and he also emphasises on breathing practices and pranayama in his classes.

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500hrs Yoga teacher in diffrent styles of yoga . I have started my yoga journey in 2009 . I moved to Armenia in 2015 and i started my classes there in Vinyasa , hatha , Aerial yoga , prenatal & postnatal . In pandamic i became one of the memeber of the first Iranian yoga school and started giving online 200hrs techer training course , in person Prenatal and Aerial TTC to almost 1500 person in 4 years . From 2022 i am travelling and teaching in diffrent countries and i love spreading the knowldge of yoga .

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Brittany Griffith, USA

Hatha Yoga & Yin Yoga
Brittany Griffiths is an E-RYT 200, RYT 500 certified yoga instructor from sunny San Diego, CA. With over 2000 hours of experience through teacher trainings, workshops, classes and retreats, Brittany has been guiding students throughout the U.S and abroad since 2013. Her personal practice as well as her teaching emphasize the intimate connection with the breath and it’s relationship with the body, mind and spirit. She states, “The breath is our direct connection to the present moment. Breath is Bliss, Joy, Freedom and Love in its purest form.” Brittany enjoys guiding students through thoughtfully curated, creative and soulful classes infused with mindful movement, breath work, meditation and sound.

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Evy Ferraro, UK

Yoga Therapy & Anatomy
Evy has completed 1000 hours of teacher training, including 300 TTC with Trimurti Yoga in Goa, and has been running retreats, workshops and training worldwide. Evy’s passion lies where East meets West with somatic embodiment of the practice, integrated anatomy and myofascial release. Working with physiotherapists for 3 years in London gave her insight that there was more to the western approach of medicine, which initiated her Yoga journey to India in 2016.

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Saskia Pöppke, Germany

Hatha Yoga and Yoga In The Market
Saskia started her professional yoga journey with the 200h YTTC Multistyle in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Vinyasa at Trimurti Yoga Goa in 2019. After coming back to her homebase Berlin, she continued on her path by attending the 300hr Hatha Yoga TTC at the Yoga Circle Berlin Academy focused on Hatha Yoga. As a former film and advertising producer with 15 years of international working experience, Saskia is a passionate story teller and marketing strategist. She recently discovered her calling to accompany people in their individual change processes by continuing her education with courses in personal and lifestyle coaching and consulting.

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Sidhanth Aksar

Born in Telangana southern India he completed his masters in marketing management. Sidhanth started with working in corporate for over 7 years while continuing his yoga practice. His calling for teaching came in the year 2020 when he completed his yoga teacher training program in Hyderabad. Since then he started teaching yoga on weekends in companies & then finally gave up his corporate job to pursue life as a full time yoga teacher since 2021. Sidhanth is passional about teaching vinyasa flow yoga along with Hatha yoga.

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Arya Murty, India

Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
Murtijee, as he is fondly called, was born in Brahmin Family in Southern India, and has been practicing yoga for over last 28 years besides being a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance. Arya started his yogic practices at the age of 15. He improved and deepened his yogic practices under the guidance of Sivananda Ashram, and also by senior teachers of a very famous and traditional Bihar School of Yoga who are well known masters of real Hatha Yoga. He also lived in Swami Dayananda Ashram as a residential student of Vedanta for 3 years. Under the guidance of Acharya Sakshatkritananda ji, he studied the Upanishads & Bhagavad-Gita.

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Ryan , UK

Hatha Yoga he is a Yoga teacher from the UK. He started his yoga journey over a decade ago when he was in his late-teens, being first introduced to meditation at a Buddhist centre in his home town. He then went on to discover Yoga, and was hooked after his first ever class, feeling a immense peace he’d never experienced before in his first ever Shavasana. Over the next decade he has explored many styles of Yoga, with many different teachers around the World during his travels. He has also completed over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings, both in the UK and in India. His trainings include Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra, as well as trainings to become a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. His personal practice and teaching is that of exploration of the Self through movement, pranayama, and meditations, delving in to the deeper and more subtle aspects of ourselves. Combining modern science and the ancient systems of Yoga.

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Ajay Semwal, India

Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
Ajay was born in a Brahmin family on the foothills of Himalayas close to Rishikesh India. From the early age his father taught him yogic lifestyle, Asana practice, kriyas and ancient mantras chanting. Ajay has done master degree in a yoga therapy from H.N.B.G University Srinagar India and now he teaches with trimurtiyoga & shares traditional Hatha&Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama classes.

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