TrimurtiYoga offers 100 hours advance Yoga Teacher Training in Bali consists of three separate modules. Each of them forms a 9-day program (100hours TTC). The first module is focused on Vinyasa. Second module on Yin Yoga & the third module is dedicated to meditation.

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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

100-hour yoga class

Trimurti Yoga offers a 100-hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali consisting of three separate modules. Each of them forms a 9-day program (100 hours TTC). The first module is focused on Vinyasa. The second module is on Yin Yoga & the third module is dedicated to meditation. Whether your goal is to learn about a previously unknown type of yoga or to obtain a different viewpoint on other kinds of yoga asanas and pranayam. Selecting the right yoga teacher training course is essential to your success as a practitioner and teacher. These one-hundred-hour classes offer the opportunity to enroll in our residential program while delving deeply into a particular aspect of the yoga path. Everyday subject-specific asana and methodology sessions are included in our 9-day program, which will improve your teaching and personal yoga practice. This 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is for those who feel ready to commit to a full teacher training course but who wish to expand their yoga practice and knowledge. You can also enroll in this course if you would like to gain some knowledge related to yoga but don’t want to teach yoga, and wish to lay a solid foundation before enrolling in a yoga teacher training program. Our 100 Hours Online YTTC is an introductory yoga course for beginners who want to start their career in Yoga. We have divided our online yoga teacher training program into two sections: theoretical and practical.

You will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 100-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) after the completion of our 100-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Course in Bali. Bali’s calm and peaceful surroundings make it the perfect place for yoga practitioners to connect with their inner selves and advance their spiritual journeys. High-quality education and assistance are guaranteed by Trimurti yoga school and skilled yoga teachers in Bali. Students can experience the true teachings of yoga in Bali, and experiment with various styles and approaches. It provides mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual development in addition to physical strength, flexibility, and balance. In the end, doing yoga in Bali provides a life-changing and rewarding experience that can improve one’s general health and well-being. You will gain lasting and transformative experiences from this yoga teacher training in Bali. You’ll have a lot more joy when your energy blockages will get cleared. You will inspire many others around you with your newly gained knowledge and positivity, and you’ll grow into a self-assured yoga teacher and person. Thus, enroll in our 100-hour yoga teacher training program if you wish to enhance your abilities and obtain a certification as a yoga instructor. Get in touch with us right now to learn more and to register for our upcoming programs.

Certification & Accreditation 

The 9 days of 100 hour yoga teacher training in Bali is offered by the Trimurti Yoga School. Our teacher training programs thus surpass the global requirements for a 100-hour yoga teacher training certification. After completion, our teacher certification is recognized by the International Yoga Federation (ISF) and approved by Yoga Alliance. It is also recognized by all other major ISFs globally, enabling yoga teachers to operate globally. To expand your understanding and proficiency in yoga, you may also enroll in our advanced 200 and 300-hour training programs.

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What our graduates say about us

Maria Lopez, Ecuador, Our ex student speaking about her experience with our 200hour Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

Sasha, USA, Our ex student speaking about her experience with our 200hour Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali

Alessia from USA sharing her recent yoga teacher experience with us in Bali. She just finished her 200hour Hatha & Vinyasa yoga course.

Students about Yoga Philosophy classes in Yoga Teacher Training Course with Trimurti Yoga

About 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

A range of techniques, such as asanas, breathing exercises, and meditations, are included in the 100-hour yoga teacher training course (TTC) here in Bali to help treat several medical conditions. It is a comprehensive approach that promotes overall well-being by addressing all aspects of the body and mind. Throughout this 100-hour program, you will learn about the fundamentals of yoga and how to meet the unique needs of each student. We here at Trimurti Yoga School offer a variety of subtle practices in our 100-hour yoga teacher training program that are meant to balance and open your energy centers as well as awaken your hidden energy. You will get the assistance of highly qualified and experienced yoga teachers who will help you throughout your yoga journey. You will also get a community of supportive people to learn and teach with. You will make friends with other students and live in a peaceful setting for the duration of a 9-day immersive yoga training program. You will follow a set daily schedule that includes theory courses, asana practice sessions, self-study, meditation, and plenty of free time to take in the beautiful surroundings. Meals and accommodations are included in the tuition price. Each day, our kitchen team will make fresh, healthful vegetarian meals for you to enjoy as you sleep in a clean, cozy, and peaceful room.