Kelapa Cottage

Kelapa Cottage
A home away from home
Lush garden

Born from a partnership based on a love for diving and the ocean, Philippe and Mario decided to build the ultimate family resort. Their vision was a hotel room that feels like a home away from home. They created same intimacy and warmth yet with all the luxuries of a five-star hotel.

With Kelapa Cottage, the first luxury dormitory in Amed was born. Next to the dormitory for six people, some seriously high-class private rooms are available too: one triple room, one twin room and one double room. Finally, four charming Joglo-style cottages for double or triple occupancy are set in a lush garden.

The coolest pool in Amed is conveniently placed in the middle of the garden. The pool is great for keeping the kids entertained, for cooling down on a hot day and for try-dives. And let's not forget romantic poolside dinners during Bali’s warm evenings.

Kelapa Cottage bougainvillea in the garden
Kelapa Cottage Leaf & Life Restaurant
Fusion Cuisine

The Leaf & Life restaurant is one of the few mainly organic, healthy kitchens on this side of the island. He knows how to mix healthy with tasty and how to fuse different foods. The result is Italian/French/Balinese fusion with a Lebanese touch. Some of the world's best cuisines all together. Most dishes are available in a vegetarian or vegan version, all of them guilt-free and all the tastier for it.

Aura Spa is your one-stop-shop for all things massage, beautifying and relaxing. Experienced and talented massage therapists and beauticians will provide for all your needs and wishes. Allow yourself to be spoiled endlessly during your stay.

Free wifi is available throughout the resort, laundry service is available and Kelapa Cottage will also take care of all your transportation needs: bicycles, scooters and taxis can all be arranged upon request.

Visit Kelapa Cottage's website for more images of the resort and rooms.