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Darja Marichyasana B


Main Teacher

As a practitioner of Ashtanga, a lover of Hatha and a dabbler in Yin, Darja will happily guide you through teacher trainings and retreats, sharing her own experiences with her practice and teaching, her knowledge of asana and adjustment and her basic love of all things yogic.

Breathing techniques have been an integral part of Darja’s life. Through many years of experience in swimming, scuba diving and freediving, she has developped an intimate connection to the breath. She further explores this in her yoga practice and teachings.

She started her own Ashtanga journey eight years ago and was fortunate enough to study at the very source of it all, Mysore, recently. She now resides in Bali most of the year and teaches daily classes and workshops in between retreats and teacher trainings.

Even though she has a penchant for the traditional approach in yoga, she likes bringing philosophy and theoretical knowledge to students in a practical, accessible & playful way.
She firmly believes that the answers are in getting on your mat every day, that cookies get in the way of Marichyasana D and that a true smile reaches all the way into the soul.

Yaisa Trimurti Yoga Bali Teacher


Main Teacher

Yaisa connected to yoga in 2007 when she wandered into a gym looking for a good work out. Her first class was a strong Vinyasa flow and she felt so sore the next day that she realised she needed to do something about her physical health. The journey led her to discover the multi-faceted aspects of yoga, including meditation, pranayama, anatomy and philosophy. Along the way, she started incorporating more healthy lifestyle choices into her daily routines. Today she lives a happy and mindful life in South Australia but travels overseas regularly and is proud to be part of the Trimurti Yoga Bali team running 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats in Amed.

On the mat, she loves to teach Ashtanga and Yin Yoga and has trained with various distinguished teachers, obtaining her teaching certificate from Trimurti Yoga in India in 2014. Since then, she has taught over 1500 hours of yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Egypt, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia.

Off the mat, she empowers people to get back in control of their health, working as a certified health coach. Her Yoga & Health Management programs offered to people living with chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue include gentle, therapeutic yoga and group health coaching. Participants have found this life-changing and said that it gave them hope, strength, confidence and focus.

Yaisa is committed to living a happy existence centered around healthy food, fun, adventure and love. Her ambition is to share with others her experience about integrating yoga and health in a modern day lifestyle while continuing to deepen her own knowledge and yoga practice.

Sara-Duana Trimurti Yoga Bali Teacher



Sara-Duana was found by yoga in 2006 when, looking for more balance in life, she left from her very first class with the biggest smile ever. In 2013 she took her relationship with yoga to the next level and enrolled with Trimurti Yoga Goa to become a certified multi-style teacher.

Since then she has taught in India, Germany, Egypt and Morocco, at the beach, in parks, at festivals and in studios. With a degree in Indian Philosophy and a recently discovered passion for Acroyoga, she loves yoga for its transformational forces, the balance between will-powered kicking ass and soft surrender, its creative spirit and metaphorical wisdom which works on and off the mat. She seeks to pass on the gift of yoga which for her includes personal happiness as much as ethical awareness.

When not teaching yoga, she works as a cultural producer and writer. She is currently based in Egypt but often elsewhere.

Seemone at Trimurti Yoga Bali



Seemone discovered yoga four years ago through Kundalini yoga. Initially she found the experience a bit destabilising but soon realised how yoga affected her on a physical ,a physiological and more importantly, on an emotional level. Enthralled by experiencing these different facets of herself, she started traveling through Asia to discover and practice different styles of yoga. She studied hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, restorative and nidra up doing a teacher training in Dharamshala (India) with Trimurti yoga.

Seemone is a graphic designer by trade and her home is in France. Always eager for new experiences, she travels most of the time though. She will be joining our team here in Bali for a few months and lighting up the shala with her dazzling smile.

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