10 Best Famous Yoga Schools in Goa, India 2024

There is no better destination in the world to train to become a yoga teacher than India, which is also home to the best and most reasonably priced teacher training programs worldwide.

Even though India has a lot of incredible locations for yoga teacher training, Goa, India, is the best option, and I believe that. You can’t get enough of the beach and yoga. Enrolling in a Goa yoga teacher training course could be a truly life-changing experience, no matter whether you want to change careers and teach yoga or just learn more and develop your practice.

Still, choosing the best yoga school that suits your needs might be difficult because there are so many schools offering such a wide range of courses. In this article, we are going to discuss the best famous yoga schools in Goa, India. So, without much waiting, let’s start.

Why Choose Goa as Your Yoga Teacher Training School?

You will get completely involved in authentic, traditional yoga teachings in India during a YTT, which goes well beyond the poses and asanas.

Of course, there are lots of options. Goa’s sunny, carefree beaches rank among the top locations in India for yoga teacher training, while Rishikesh, the world’s center of yoga, is situated at the foot of the Himalayas.

Goa, the most westernized state in India, provides a simple introduction to the country with its miles of sandy tropical beaches, vibrant nightlife, vibrant marketplaces, amazing sunsets over the Arabian Sea, and a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. 

In Goa, there is an incredible number of genuine and reasonably priced yoga retreats and teacher training programs available for every form of yoga, with certifications ranging from 200 to 500 hours!

Since all of Goa’s top yoga schools are members of the Yoga Alliance, after receiving certification you can become a recognized yoga teacher and teach anywhere in around the world. The majority of YTT packages come with food and accommodation.

The Best Yoga Locations in Goa

Although North Goa is well-known for its wild nightlife, there are still peaceful beaches and yoga centers in the beautiful settlement of Assagao, which is close to Anjuna Beach, as well as on Mandrem and Arambol beaches.

The best places for doing a YTT in South Goa are on its peaceful, uncrowded beaches if you’re looking for a more informal vibe. The beaches of Agonda, Palolem, and Patnem are home to Goa’s top yoga courses and schools.

How to Choose the Best Yoga School in Goa?

Goa provides genuine, reasonably priced yoga teacher training, but not all of the yoga schools there are created equal. YTT is a huge business these days, and unfortunately, some yoga schools focus on their bottom line above all else.

Proper research is important because your YTT is an essential and potentially life-changing investment. Making sure a yoga center has been approved by the Yoga Alliance or the International Yoga Federation and is a certified yoga school is the first step in selecting one that is right for you.

Yoga Schools in Goa

Trimurti Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, India

Trimurti is strongly established in traditional yoga values, much like a tree that is securely planted in the ground. Trimurti accepts a new viewpoint while yet valuing the Western idea of the physical body. The teaching staff, which includes professors from India and other countries, represents this balance as well as the training program’s unique fusion of Eastern and Western teaching methods.

Himalaya Yoga Valley, Yoga Teacher Training Goa

The course’s two primary styles are Ashtanga and Iyengar, and while it’s unknown how much of each you’ll practice, you will enjoy how these two styles are combined. The 200-hour program’s main goal is to get students ready for teaching yoga classes. Yoga Alliance-recognized yoga teacher training is provided by Himalaya Yoga Valley.

Sthira Yoga

Students from all over the world are welcomed and warmly greeted by Sthira. Their core values are love and respect. They value each path and embrace a variety of yogic schools and traditions. Their experienced instructors contribute knowledge to their specialized fields and are passionate about sharing knowledge and skills. They establish a solid foundation that includes yoga philosophy, practice, and instruction, developing a thorough understanding.

Kranti Yoga School, Goa

Ashtanga Yoga & Vinyasa Flow and Vinyasa and Yin Yoga are the two 200-hour course options offered by Kranti School. Additional yoga styles are also available as 100-hour courses. It has an excellent location near the beach. You’ll be close to all the holiday activities and excitement, such as pubs, restaurants, lounge music, parties, etc.

Goa Yogashala

The main objective of Goa Yogashala is to teach the basic principles of yoga practices in their purest form while offering modern reasons. This makes sure that everyone will benefit from the lessons, even Westerners. Situated near the Arabian Sea, they provide yoga classes in various styles. Along the stunning Agonda beach, coconut plantations, palm trees, and cashew trees surround the peaceful school grounds.

Alpha Yoga School, Goa

Two fundamental yoga methods are at the basis of this yoga teacher training course: the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa method and the dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga. These forms provide the basis for the development of your yoga practice.

The program’s core concepts involve teaching elegance, alignment, and the skill of physical support. They provide committed coaching to help you achieve outstanding alignment in your work. But this course is about more than just self-improvement; it’s about giving you the tools you need to mentor other people as they study yoga. You’ll become a self-assured and in-demand yoga teacher by perfecting your instruction.

Oceanic Yoga International

Enroll in the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Goa to gain a realistic and useful understanding of teaching yoga. Through practical instruction, you will learn every fundamental aspect of yoga. This extensive course explores the foundations of the practice and gives you tools to promote its advantages worldwide.

Yoga Nisarga, Goa

This Yoga Alliance-certified course is made with your needs in mind if your goal is to become a real yoga teacher. It all comes down to supporting your spiritual and physical development and helping you become more aware of the world. You will receive detailed guidance covering theory, practice, philosophy, and history to fully understand yoga’s fundamentals.

Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Two different course types are available at the school: one is devoted to Hatha Yoga and the other to Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. You will learn how to make your creative flows and practice them with other students in addition to studying the Ashtanga sequence. This is a wonderful option if you value being near a beach. Despite not being on the beach, you may still enjoy the sea every day during your lunch break because it is close by.

Ruh, Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Introducing Ruh, your soulful self-discovery guide. They’re all focused on assisting you in exploring deep within to find your soul. Utilizing introspection, understanding emerges. Ruh Yoga offers a grounded, pragmatic approach that ignites deep insights into yoga as a vibrant art and a route to spiritual awakening, going beyond the physical and healing components. Their TTC is an immersion into the body, heart, and mind of comprehensive yoga, not just a course.