The Location

You can find Trimurti Yoga courses in two beautiful locations in Bali:

Kelapa Cottage, Amed

Kelapa Cottage is located in Amed – one of the most beautiful places in Bali, popular mostly for snorkeling and diving.

Kelapa is hidden in a quiet area surrounded by forest and green hills, yet it takes only a few minutes to reach the main market and the beach with all restaurants and cafès.

The resort boasts 2 Villas, 7 rooms and 2 dormitories situated around a beautiful swimming pool in a lush tropical garden. It is a very peaceful spot – perfect for your Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali. See Kelapa on


Batuan Villa, Ubud

Ubud is often called Bali’s cultural heart. After Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love” (and the 2010 movie of the same name) Ubud became the most popular destination in Bali, attracting especially the travellers interested in yoga, holistic health and spirituality. Despite the popularity, you still can enjoy endless green rice terraces, beautiful Hindu contemplative temples, and amazing local food and traditional handicrafts. Trimurti Yoga Bali is situated in a very peaceful and quiet Batuan Village – just 10 km away from the Central Ubud – in a lovely district of local art communities surrounded by handicraft galleries and Balinese temples. It is the ideal location to have a great Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bali here!



 There are 2 beautiful resorts dedicated to Trimurti Yoga Teacher Training School in Bali. Both Amed and Ubud are beautiful and peaceful places with luxurious air conditioned rooms and swimming pool, and an amazing view of the rice fields. Depending on your budget, the students are offered single, double or triple sharing room options.


Food in Bali is simple, but healthy and delicious. Everything is prepared especially for our yoga students, so that you can easily enjoy your unforgettable stay in Bali, and stay focused on the training. We serve 3 vegetarian meals per day during study time (6 days a week), and prepare a variety of local vegetables and fruits, traditional Balinese curries and famous “Nasi Goreng”. The meals are also adjusted to vegan and lactose- or gluten-free diet.

Learn from the best yoga teachers in Bali

We have the best practitioners from across the world as mentors who teach our students with utmost precision. We have experts of different yoga styles, yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy and yoga therapy. Each student is given special attention and the focus that they need to become the experts yoga practice and teaching. Our experts are experienced, highly qualified in their respected fields, and internationally accredited for their mentorship. We all are completely focused on providing the best of our knowledge and experience to our yoga teacher training students updating our programs every season.

Why Bali yoga teacher training programs and retreats?

In today’s time, when everyone irrespective of their age is leading a stressful life, Yoga is the way to go. Yoga teachers need to share their knowledge and practical tools to make the world a better place for everyone to live. We help our students to go in the world and increase yogic awareness. Their practice and methods give others hope, focus, and growth.

Bali Yoga teacher training programs, courses and retreats offer individuals to channelize their love for yoga in the right direction. The path to mindfulness and peace becomes easier to achieve and apply. Trimurti Yoga, one of the best yoga teacher training centers in Bali, focuses on making the entire course duration effortless and the most impactful for all our students.

Yoga in Bali for a fantastic experience

Imagine if just sitting leisurely at a serene island of Bali brings you so much peace and relaxation, how therapeutic would practicing yoga be amidst the breathtaking surroundings of the place? We aim at providing the most amazing learning experience to our students which requires an environment that helps them focus and be productive towards their practice.

If you wish to enroll for yoga teacher training in Bali, get in touch with us and we will make it happen for you with an assured best-in-class experience.