How to Become a Yoga Teacher Instructor in 10 Steps?

If you are someone who keeps health as a top priority and if you are someone passionate about yoga, thinking of changing your career to become a yoga teacher then this article is for you. By following a few easy steps, you can easily learn more about yoga and pursue it as a career. Becoming a yoga instructor or teacher requires passing an exam, just like getting any other degree or course. You must complete a yoga instructor certification course from an organization or institution approved by the government. In this article, we will discuss how to become a yoga instructor in 10 steps. To know more, keep reading.

Who is a Yoga Teacher?

A yoga teacher is someone who is an expert in the ideas and practice of yoga, and who shares this knowledge with people through teaching sessions and is known as a yoga teacher. They offer instruction in different yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation.

Not only do they provide physical training, but yoga teachers frequently act as mentors and motivators of student’s personal development and well-being. By setting up lessons to meet each student’s unique needs, talents, and objectives, they train students in various aspects.

A yoga teacher is someone who has a deep understanding of all the different types of yoga asanas. They pursue further education through advanced training, workshops, and independent research to improve their teaching abilities and broaden their understanding of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Course or Certification

Duration of the Course:

The basic course typically lasts 200 hours, but for those who like to learn more, there are longer ones available too that can last up to 500 hours.

Government-recognized Certification:

Look for programs accredited by organizations such as YCB. This indicates that they follow particular requirements and that your certification will be accepted globally.

What You’ll Learn:

You’ll learn many topics including yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching techniques, and class management in these classes. Along with practicing teaching, you’ll get feedback from expert educators.

How Long is the Course?:

While some courses are easy and last only a month, others are lengthier, taking several months or even years to complete. Choose according to how much time you want to spend on this course, your availability, etc.

Where to Find Yoga Courses and What Is the Cost of These Courses?:

Both Online and in-person classes are available everywhere in the world. When making your choice, consider the cost, and location, start by searching yoga instructor certification near me, and you’ll get the results.

Why It’s Important:

You can acquire the skills and information required to teach yoga safely and effectively by enrolling in a certified course. It’s a very good opportunity to start your career in yoga with yoga instructor certification programs.

10 Steps To Become A Yoga Instructor

  1. Start Practicing Yoga: Start by regularly practicing yoga to learn the basics of yoga and its benefits.
  2. Learn: You can start learning about yoga poses, breathing exercises, and teaching strategies, by enrolling in a certified yoga teacher training certification course.
  3. Pick Your Style: There are many yoga poses with different approaches, styles, and methods. Choose the style you believe you want to teach others and the style you want to learn for yourself. While there isn’t a single, best form of yoga, there is one that connects with you, and that’s the message you want to spread to the rest of the world. Different types of yoga are Yoga Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Bikram, and aerial yoga.
  4. Practice Teaching: To gain teaching experience, start by teaching yoga to your friends and family members. In this way, you’ll have some confidence and will improve your skills in a better way.
  5. Get Certified: Get certified after completing your training course from a government-recognized institution and start your yoga teaching journey.
  6. Safety First: To make sure you can manage emergencies, earn your first aid and CPR certifications to be fully trained.
  7. Grow your Network: Grow your network and connect with other yoga instructors and studios. Collaborate with them to do workshops.
  8. Start Teaching: To obtain teaching experience, start instructing at neighborhood gyms, studios, or community centers. You can also teach students at school.
  9. Keep Learning: After becoming a yoga teacher, do not make the mistake of not learning more. Keep your learning journey continues, and participate in training sessions and workshops to keep your skills up to date. There’s always something to learn even if you know everything.
  10. Be Professional: Maintain professionalism and create a welcoming environment for your students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the duration of the yoga instructor certification course?

The yoga teacher training course duration can be 1 to 2 months.

Is there any requirement before becoming a yoga instructor?

No, there’s no specific requirement for becoming a yoga teacher. Anyone can do the yoga instructor certification course and start their journey in yoga.

What is the fee for a yoga teacher training course?

The fee for doing a yoga teacher training course ranges from 20k-50k for the basic level courses based on the services, such as residential or non-residential courses, that you choose.

What are the job opportunities after becoming a yoga instructor?

After doing the yoga instructor certification course online, you can become a yoga teacher at any school or college, or even you can start your own studio.

What is the salary of a yoga instructor?

The pay scale for a yoga instructor varies based on the kind of classes they teach, from 10,000 to 50,000.