Lord Hanuman a true Yogi


Hanuman had no desire for name or fame. He preferred to live in mountains and caves. He practiced total brahmacharya which was a very strange thing for a simian. Even when he lived with Sri Rama in the palace he lived like a hermit without indulging the senses.

This was what gave him so much spiritual power. If yoga is the ability to control the mind, then Hanuman was the perfect yogi, having perfect mastery over his senses, achieved through a disciplined lifestyle and strict adherence to celibacy and undeviating devotion to his master. He had absolute faith in his master. Every event in his life was a gift from his master to be accepted without question.

His life is a classic example to be followed by all devotees of God in any form. He shows us how a devotee should spend his or her life so as to reach the Supreme. It is said that Narada once asked Brahma to tell him who he considered to be the greatest devotee of Vishnu. No doubt the sage thought his own name would be first in the list. However Brahma directed him to Prahlada, king of the Asuras for whose sake Vishnu had taken the avatara of Narasimha.

Prahlada with his characteristic humility told him to approach Hanuman who was the greatest devotee of Vishnu since he chanted the name of Rama constantly.

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