What Are the Benefits of Chakrasana Yoga?

Chakrasana or the wheel pose, have you ever thought about what it feels like to be a wheel? What is the benefit of doing so? Why this wheel position is referred to as a yoga asana, there must be some very amazing benefits of this yoga pose. In this article, we will look at the benefits of Chakrasana Yoga, how to do Chakrasana yoga and Chakrasana yoga steps. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Chakrasana Yoga?

Chakrasana Yoga is also known as the Wheel Pose. In this type of yoga, you have to lie on your back and make the shape of a wheel with your body. Then push your body in the upward direction with your arms and legs while also bending your back. It’s like forming a bridge with your body. Chakrasana is a powerful yoga pose that helps in making your back stronger and more flexible. It also stretches the chest, tummy, and shoulders. If you perform the Chakrasana yoga pose daily, making it a routine, you will feel more energized and your mind at peace. It will make you feel less stressed too. Also, if you are a beginner, you can start learning this pose by a yoga trainer or instructor.

Benefits Of Chakrasana Yoga

There are several health benefits of chakrasana yoga, some of them are:

  1. Chakrasana Yoga, or you may call it the Wheel Pose, makes your back strong.
  2. It helps you bend and stretch better.
  3. Regularly doing Chakrasana yoga can help with tummy-related problems.
  4. Chakrasana gives you more energy.
  5. When you perform it, you feel more calm and relaxed. You also feel your mind at peace.
  6. It opens up your heart and mind.
  7. This yoga pose is also good for digestion.
  8. It makes your muscles more flexible.
  9. Chakrasana can also make you feel happier.
  10. Chakrasana also helps improve your body posture.

It is important to pay attention to your body and not use too much force when in the pose. This yoga pose is all about finding balance and practicing what feels right for you, just like any other yoga pose.

How to do Chakrasana Yoga?

Here are a few simple steps of how to do Chakrasana Yoga:

1. First lay down on a yoga mat on your back. 

2. Then start by bending your knees and bringing your feet close to your hips.

3. Bend your elbows and place your hands on the mat beside your head, fingers pointing towards your shoulders.

4. Lift your hips and body off the mat by applying pressure to your hands and feet. Maintain your leg and arm strength.

5. Keep pushing yourself up until your body resembles the shape of a wheel and your arms are straight. As you raise your chest in the upward direction bend your back.

6. Maintain a relaxed neck while looking downward and hold the pose for a few seconds.

7. When you’re ready to come out of the pose, slowly lower your body back down to the mat.

8. Once you’re back on the mat, take a moment to relax and breathe deeply.

It is important to listen to your body and not force yourself to do the pose. If you feel any discomfort or pain, slowly come out of the pose and try again another time. It’s not possible to do this pose in one go if you are a beginner or trying it out for the first time. Relax your body and mind after doing this pose. 


Chakrasana Yoga, or the Wheel Pose, offers several benefits for both the body and mind. If you start practicing chakrasana yoga pose daily, you will see improvements in your physical, mental, and overall health. This Chakrasana yoga pose strengthens your back muscles, making them more strong and also helps in reducing back pain. It also improves flexibility by stretching the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and hips. This increased flexibility can improve your body posture and movement. It improves digestion and helps with digestive problems like constipation. Additionally, it increases energy levels, energizing the body and offering a natural source of life. Chakrasana supports hormonal balance and emotional equilibrium by activating the thyroid gland and expanding the heart. Mentally, Chakrasana provides a sense of peace and relaxation. This asana also reduces stress and anxiety. Doing chakrasana also improves our concentration and helps us focus and clear up our minds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any special requirement before performing Chakrasana?

No, there’s no specific requirement for performing chakrasana, you can easily do it at your home too.

Is chakrasana safe for all?

Yes, anyone can perform a chakrasana yoga pose. But make sure that you do not force yourself while doing it. It is important to listen to your body and not force yourself to do the pose. If you feel any discomfort or pain, slowly come out of the pose and try again another time.

What are the benefits of chakrasana yoga?

Chakrasan yoga pose has many benefits, it makes our back strong, improves our body posture, helps us to relax and calm our mind, gives energy, helps in digestion, and makes our muscles flexible.

Can I perform chakrasana every day?

Yes, you can perform chakrasana every day. But make sure to do it in proper alignment.

Is chakrasana a hard yoga pose?

No, chakrasana is a very simple yoga pose. You can easily do it by following a few simple steps. But if you are finding it hard to do, you can take the help of a yoga teacher.