Yoga Teacher Training Bali Price 2024

Get ready to practice a variety of yoga styles, and choose the ideal yoga teacher training program (YTTC) for you and the type you want to teach. Although yoga teacher training in Bali may be a life-changing, transformational, and incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be difficult and costly.

Do consider your aims, what you want to learn and teach, what you enjoy the most, and your personal preferences before you begin trying to choose from Bali’s hundreds of yoga programs. This will help you select the right type of yoga teacher training program. 

Not only you will earn a certification, but there are other benefits to completing yoga teacher training. Make sure you get the appropriate certification since yoga teacher training has the potential to completely transform your life and lead you to a completely different path.

In addition to your motivations for enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training and the certification you will receive, the following factors are important to take into account while choosing a yoga teacher training program:

  • Type of yoga
  • Your degree of experience
  • The course’s duration, cost, location, and facilities
  • The instructors and the yoga school’s reputation

Different Yoga Teacher Training Programs

When it comes to yoga teacher training, there are many different courses to choose from, but the mandatory 200-hour course must be completed in order to become certified to begin teaching yoga. It’s a difficult and time-consuming procedure, so I advise giving it your all for the best outcome.

There are no specific requirements to enroll in these courses; in fact, some even accept beginners. However, the majority of yoga schools do ask that students have at least six months of consistent yoga practice.

In addition to the physical components of yoga, such as the asanas, meditation, and pranayama, all Bali yoga teacher training programs contain theoretical lectures on yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, and teaching methods. The greatest programs will provide you with lots of opportunities to practice teaching so that, when you finish, you’ll feel prepared and confident to instruct.

A 300-hour yoga teacher training program will help you expand your knowledge after completing the 200-hour program. You can also do a 100-hour yoga teacher training in Bali and return later to complete your training if you don’t have much time and are looking for short-duration yoga courses in Bali. 

Let’s discuss in detail the different yoga teacher training programs:

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

A 100-hour advanced yoga teacher training course with three separate modules is available in Bali from Trimurti Yoga. A nine-day program (100 hours TTC) is formed by each of them. The subject of the first module is Vinyasa. Yin yoga is covered in the second module, while meditation is covered in the third. Whether your intention is to have an entirely new perspective on various yoga asanas and pranayams or to discover a previously unknown kind of yoga. Your success as a practitioner and instructor depends on your choice of yoga teacher training program. These one-hundred-hour workshops cover a certain area of the yoga path in-depth and provide you the chance to sign up for our residential program. 

Trimurti Yoga Bali’s 9-day program will improve both your teaching and personal yoga practice with daily subject-specific asana and technique workshops. For individuals who feel prepared to dedicate themselves to a full teacher training program and who want to deepen their yoga practice and understanding, there is this 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course for them. If you want to learn more about yoga but don’t want to teach it, you can also enroll in this course. Instead, you can use it as a way to prepare yourself before enrolling in a teacher training program. For those who wish to begin their yoga profession, we offer this introductory yoga course called the 100 Hours Online YTTC. Our online yoga teacher training program is divided into two sections: theory and application.

200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

For those who want to deepen their yoga practice and earn certification as a yoga instructor, Trimurti Yoga Bali provides a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Bali. All of the basic ideas in yoga are covered in this program. Every aspect of yoga, including asana, pranayama, and meditation, is covered in this program. Along with having the opportunity to learn from our skilled and experienced instructors, you will get a close-up view of Bali’s vibrant culture. You will be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) upon the completion of this program. The goal of the training program is to provide students with a thorough understanding of every aspect of yoga. Our highly experienced and certified teachers will introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga. Additionally, this program offers students a nurturing, safe environment where they can advance their yoga practice and education. Bali’s natural beauty and diverse culture make it the ideal location for our yoga teacher training program. 

You will get a complete understanding of the fundamentals of asana practice and learn how to use pranayama and meditation to enhance both your own and other’s practice. Additionally, you will learn about the origins of yoga and how it has evolved. You will learn how to involve the ideas presented in the Yoga Sutras and other ancient texts in your teaching approach and practice. You will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) upon completion of our 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Bali. This will fulfill all requirements for obtaining a Bali yoga teaching certification.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The advanced, second-level 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali (registered with Yoga Alliance) is designed in such a way that it will enhance both your teaching abilities and personal yoga practice. Trimurti has developed an amazing program centered around meditation, including advanced Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

This course is dedicated to all of the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course graduates from Bali, representing various yoga styles and traditions from all around the world. Our focus in the 300-hour yoga teacher training program in Bali is on therapeutic/elemental yoga, alignment and adjustments, yoga sequencing, and yoga teaching art.

This is a comprehensive and advanced yoga course designed for individuals who wish to enhance their yoga practice and instruction, learn more about the sciences of yoga and Ayurveda, yoga anatomy, teaching techniques, alignment and adjustments, sequencing art, and the impact of asana practice on the body-mind-emotion complex.

Yoga Teacher Training Bali Price

If you want to become a yoga teacher, then taking a Bali yoga teacher training course is a good investment for your future professional and emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. The yoga teacher training price ranges as follows:

  • SINGLE ROOM €2900


Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Bali in 2024 provides a transforming and rewarding experience. Bali is a well-liked YTT location due to its peaceful environment, beautiful beaches, and vibrant yoga community. Depending on the duration of the course, the facilities, and extras like food and lodging, the cost of these training programs can vary.