7 reasons why Bali is the best place for a Yoga Teacher Training?


1. The Balinese culture and spirit is unique. The Island of Gods will guide you spiritually in a supportive way beyond your training and show you how to find meaning in every single aspect of life. From small offerings to big ceremonies, the Balinese Hindu practices teach you how to express gratitude and bring more awareness into your life. In Multi Style yoga teacher training in Bali you learn timelessness and patience, the art of living in the present moment, and allowing life to guide you from the local Balinese culture.

2. The genuine beauty of nature in Bali will help you connect deeper with Mother Earth. Lush jungles, green rice fields, palm trees, waterfalls, hidden beaches and the ocean will help you to let go and reconnect with your true inner self. Bali’s nature is a nourishing force that will support your practice on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Take a silent unforgettable walk through Bali’s rice fields and allow the gods to guide you on your way.

3. Bali is a center for spiritual healing which will enrich your learning process and give you a wide range of approaches to alternative healing methods. A huge community of highly-skilled experts offer their holistic health and healing expertise which allows you to fully experience your journey in all dimensions.

4. Meet inspiring and like-minded individuals. Make friends with people who are interested in the same lifestyle, who share the same passion, understand what transition means and who will enrich your personal journey with new perspectives and ideas. Bali is a place where co-creation is happening 24/7. Immerse into a community where support is a core value and end up in a global tribe of new lifetime friends.

5. A heaven for foodies! Any kind of healthy food, you can get it all–vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and everything else for affordable prices! The amount of healthy food cafés, restaurants and stores in Bali is uncountable. Imagine a rainbow of tropical fruits with powerful healing properties, cold-pressed juices and shot of wheatgrass every day and as much as you want. As well the local Indonesian and Balinese cuisines in local warungs (cafes) are a must try! The food offers an explosion of spices and flavours like sambal matah, nasi campur, gado-gado and sate ayam.

yoga-teacher-training-in-bali-yoga teacher training in Bali

6. Get off the mat and get on a surfboard. Bali is one of the most popular surf destinations in the world. So there is no better place to practise your balance on the surfboard than in Bali.

7. Try something new and enjoy yourself riding the waves or trying some of the yoga poses you learn during your teacher training in Bali on a surfboard…a lot of FUN GUARANTEED!

8. The island life is affordable and safe. Bali offers a wide range of accommodations for any kind of budget. Transportation is easy and cheap. Either you rent a scooter, hire a cab for less than $2 or simply get a Go-Jek (Bali’s Uber). It is also easy to get a local SIM card for $5 per month which gives you around 8GB of internet data and phone credit. Besides that, WiFi is available everywhere and the connection is super stable. It is not by surprise that so many digital nomads choose Bali as their home-away-from-home.

9. Feeling adventurous? Bali got something for you – whether you choose to hike up a volcano, rafting in the wild rivers, go zip-lining over the jungle or snorkelling with manta rays – your inner child will cheer for you! A lot of joy and fun off the mat is included when you will be living in Bali during your 200 hour yoga teacher training Course.

10. Bali is quite simply a perfect blend between the East and the West – you get all the amenities typically in the West blended with the spiritual and easy-going lifestyle of the Balinese. It is said, once you go to Bali, you’ll always come back…and we cannot more agree!

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